Evelyn Gearries(non-registered)
Your exhibit in Gallery 7 at Pike High School is absolutely beautiful! I was happy to have met you and wish you all the best as your collections grow!
Rhonda Stalcup(non-registered)
Thanks for capturing such great photos! I am so proud of you!
Jared Duymovic(non-registered)
Glad to have found your work in the Intech Starbucks. It is clear that you take great pleasure in your work. I look forward to watching your collections grow.
Pat Saunders(non-registered)
What a lovely "song" of Eagle Creek Park. The reason why so many of us go out there - every chance we get - to be healed from the day's frustrations.

I smiled (and gasped) as I went through them.

I look forward to seeing more!
Ed Matthew(non-registered)
Good work!
Nancy Lopez(non-registered)
Susan every one of these pictures is amazing!
I love them! The site is easy to use. I need to spend more time out here. You are going places!
Sarah Wardle(non-registered)
Love the website! Your photos are absolutely beautiful :)
Elaina Szeszycki(non-registered)
Easy to use website and I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures.
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